Foreclosure Sales

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All Calhoun County Foreclosure Sales begin at 11:00 A.M. CST on the front steps of the courthouse.

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October 2, 2014


Case# 14-31-CA

Plaintiff: Bank of America, N.A.

Defendant: David Scott Clark and any and all unknown parties

F/J Amount: $219,659.49

Legal Description: See Lis Pendens



October 30, 2014


Case# 12-188-CA

Plaintiff: US Bank Trust

Defendant: Julio C. Mayorga

F/J Amount: $172,395.73

Legal Description: See Lis Pendens


Case# 12-34-CA

Plaintiff: CITI Bank

Defendant: Stephani Attaway

F/J Amount: $94,561.94

Legal Description: See Lis Pendens


November 6, 2014


Case# 09-0364-CA

Plaintiff: GMAT Legal Title

Defendant: James K. Stinnett & Julie Stinnett

F/J Amount: $88,081.98

Legal Description: See Lis Pendens


Case# 13-0014-CA

Plaintiff: Bank of America

Defendant: Shinena L. Peterson

F/J Amount: $129,379.86

Legal Description: See Lis Pendens


November 13, 2014


Case# 13-347-CA

Plantiff: Nationstar Mortgage LLC

Defendant: Paul Joyner

F/J Amount: $240,112.95

Legal Description: See Lis Pendens


















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